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 Expositions - main Hall  
 History of Medicine in The Region of Mlada Boleslav 
 The history of health care is, esentially, as long as the history of 
 humankind itself . However, untill the period of early Middle Ages we 
 get information about its form in our country only from archaeological 
 discoveries. Later written sources, in the course of time more and 
 more frequent and extensive, inform us about the health care in the 
 following centuries. Finally, a lot of medical instruments, appliances 
 and other equipment have survived in good condition from the last
 Visitors will be able to see these all and much more at the exhibition.
 Numerous period photographs and old documents used at the exhibition
 come especially from the collections of The Regional Musem in Mlada 
 Boleslav, of The Mnichovo Hradiste Town Museum, of The Museum 
 Society in Kosmonosy but also from the collections of The Public 
 Regional Records Office in Prague – The Public Regional Records Office
 in Mlada Boleslav. On the other hand period medical instruments and other
 exhibits will be lent for the exhibition purposes by The National Library 
 of Medicine – The Museum of Health Care in Prague and also, partially, 
 by members of KVH Company ‘Nazdar’. 
 The authors of the exhibition have paid their attention to the development 
 of The Regional Hospital in Mlada Boleslav and to The Mental Home in 
 Kosmonosy in particular and the governing bodies of the both hospitals 
 have been participating in the exhibition’s preparation too, A few other 
 main topics, the exhibition is dealing with, are The Pirka’s (Pirek’s?) 
 Sanatorium, the development of health care insurance companies, military 
 hospitals and pharmacy. 

 Gallery in The Arcade
 Bedrich Mudroch - Pictures
 On May 24 th, 2012 it will have been 50 years since the moment the great
 painter, drawer, graphic artist and also a popular visual teacher Bedrich 
 Mudroch died. 
 His life and work are closely connected with Mlada Boleslav. On this 
 occassion The Regional Museum in Mlada Boleslav has decided to com-
 memorate his personality. The exhibition of Bedrich Mudroch pictures will 
 be festively opened in The Arcade Gallery on Thursday, March 29, 2012
 at 4.p.m. It will introduce a profile of Mudroch’s work, not extensive but as 
 we all hope faithful and attractive. 
Long-term exhibitions
 Military weapons. Cutting and stabbing 
arms and fire arms from the 18 th and 
19 th centuries.

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